Why You Should Use Xamarin For Your Mobile App Development Project

Xamarin Mobile App Development framework has emerged as a rapidly developing platform in the development arena and it seems to be the best alternative when you have to create the cross-platform single page application. The only thing to be seen is to confirm whether it would work best while building more than one application or not.

Though it satisfies the hybrid app development technology, but point to note is, whether it will do well with the native app development or not? It does not actually help where the duplicated code is needed for additional platforms.

Xamarin App Development Services

Why you should use Xamarin for your Mobile App Devleopment Project

Here some important features supported by Xamarin are listed as follows:

Use of C#:

Here, you can write your apps in C# language. In fact, you can also port the C# based existing code to iOS and Android using Xamarin platform very easily and obviously it is used in Windows apps as well.

Utilizing MVC or MVVVM Design Patterns:

Xamarin Mobile App Development allows developing the user interface of your application using the Model-View-Controller pattern. You will be able to determine about different parts of your application using elements of native user interface of all the platforms and utilize this information as a guideline for splitting your application into two components: Core and the User Interface.

Building Native UIs:

Every OS-specific application provides a different layer of user-interface. You can use the UI KIT APIs on the iOS for creating the native-looking applications. iOS designer can be utilized for creating your UI visually for iS platform. On the other hand, the Android.Views can be used for creating native looking applications on Android being benefitted of the UI designer of Xamarin. For Windows based apps, XAML can be used for presentation layer that is created in the Blend’s UI designer or Visual Studio. Storyboards can be used on Mac created in Xcode for the presentation layer.

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Advantages of using Xamarin Mobile App Development

  • It facilitates native UIs
  • Xamarin is the best native mobile app development platform for the app developers to create native mobile apps. Xamarin facilitates great native user interface and controls so that you can create a native app.
  • It facilitates cross platform app development
  • It facilitates code sharing over multiple platforms for building apps on Windows, Android and iOS.
  • The number of bugs limit across the entire Xamarin platform.
  • As a very less number of bugs are provided in Xamarin based applications, the app performance can also increase using the Xamarin Insight. Xamarin Insight helps in monitoring as well as keeping a record of exceptions and crashes.
  • API Integration.
  • Different API are not needed to be created for different mobile platforms as the Xamarin allows you to utilize the same API for building iOS, Android and Windows based applications.
  • Xamarin facilitates useful compiled code.
  • A Xamarin developer is allowed to generate high-performing and productive code that is able to access every native API. Xamarin makes it easier to create the device-specific applications over different mobile platforms.
  • Huge Xamarin community and support system available for apps as well as the users.
  • Due to Xamarin, the integration process becomes easier. Xamarin can be easily integrated with numerous SDKs of specific mobile Oss. It supports a variety of devices that you just want to unite and Android GDK and SDK can be integrated with Xamarin studio for creating an app.
  • Shared Code Base
  • Xamarin Form library allows the developers to reuse the code multiple times for creating native user-interfaces for Windows, iOS and Android devices. The Xamarin Forms will let you get 40+ cross platform layouts and controls to acquire a complete native interface.

Xamarin comes as your all in one mobile app development solution. You can use this platform to the best for building, testing, developing, distributing and monitoring the native mobile apps across diverse platforms using this one single tool.

In comparison to other cross platform application development tools, Xamarin App Development Services facilitates building of native apps running across multiple platforms and don’t just this, it integrates the entire process of mobile app development. It simply reduces one third of your time, effort and money that is required for building a mobile application.

The future of Xamarin is brighter as they are efficiently eliminating the gap between different platforms, especially it has been acquired by Microsoft and now it is available for the developers for free.

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