Xamarin Framework for Field Service of Cross Platform App Development

Until now, the mobile app developers have had very limited choice related to developing mobile apps. Android, iOS and Windows were the only camps to take responsibility of hosting quality based mobile app development and software development requirements for all of them were totally different from their very own ecosystem, styles and languages.

Xamarin has changed that entire phenomenon. As the experts say, Xamarin technology has facilitated the developers to give shape to their ‘app creation’ for iOS and Android platforms both using the C# programming and .NET libraries. On both the platforms, the developer is free to utilize the entire spectrum of native APIs along with the user interface controls (UICs) that can only be available through this most fascinating operating system and hardware.

Today, the asset-intensive and workforce driven enterprises feel critical challenges in building a connected group of professionals and improving optional efficiency. There are numerous field operations with the enterprises to operate. For example, the food delivery agency must ensure the timely delivery of quality food to their customers. Simultaneously, the workforce driven firm deals with a variety of field operations that remain different from industry to industry.

Previously, the business professionals had to deal with their day to day official executions manually that were mere time and efforts consuming. Also, in remote locations, they lack 24/7 communication and support for their team. Hence, it becomes challenging to access the critical data from anywhere and anytime. Here, became the need for the evolution of field service apps for handling their operations, data and workforce to improve operational efficiency.

The robust apps for amazing field service help the enterprises to automate their field operations with eliminating need of paper-based processes, allow the employees to check and execute work order information, attach document, share updates, data security and accessibility of data much more in the real-time.

However, it has not been easier to develop such kind of field service apps quickly. Additionally, it is another major challenge to deploy the app across cross platforms i.e. iOS, Android, Windows and other popular frameworks. So, hereby enterprises need a robust and unique framework for quick and easy deployment of the mobile apps to meet their life’s specific needs. Xamarin App Development has proved itself to be one of the best cross platform development frameworks for building field service related apps that can run on all the major platforms.

Xamarin provides a cost-effective framework for developing apps involving C# programming language and class library to run across different mobile app development platforms. Here includes certain features that make Xamarin a unique platform for developing field service apps.

Cross Platform App with Cost Effectiveness

Xamarin supports cross platform app development involving varied tools that support all three mobile platforms where you can share 90% of the code all of those platforms. This certainly helps in reducing time and development cost for the enterprises.

Offline Functionality

Xamarin framework helps in the development of apps that can be operated even in the remote locations. Using the offline sync features, users are allowed to interact with the mobile applications along with viewing, adding and modifying data. When the app lacks internet connectivity at some point, the changes get stored in a database. Once, the app is connected online, the changes get synced with the app.

Modern IDE

On Mac OS X – Xamarin Studio and on Windows – Visual Studio is used under Xamarin technology. These both Integrated Development Environments include features like code auto completion, a project management system, integrated source control, a comprehensive project template library and many others.

Integrated Ahead of Time (AOT) Compiler of Xamarin

Xamarin.iOS applications are compiled in the AOT compiler directly to native ARM assembly code. In case of Android apps, initially the Xamarin compiler compiles C# to Intermediate Language (IL) which is further Just-In-Time (JIT) compiled to assemble natively before launching of app in Android.

Strong Native Performance

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are two commercial products offered by Xamarin and both are built on top of the Mono that is known as an open source version of the .NET framework based on the standards published under .NET ECMA. Since the beginning, Mono and .NET frameworks have been in existence and working on all the imaginable platforms like UNIX, FreeBSD, Linux and Mac OS X.

Xamarin Component Store

Xamarin provides a ready-to-use component store where you are provided with a huge collection of striking graphics, charts, UI controls, new themes, cloud services and different other strong features. Such versatile features are made available to add these components in the Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio for accelerating the process of mobile app development.

The evolution of Xamarin has actually revolutionized the way enterprises operating their businesses. Numerous tech savvy enterprises have already adopted Xamarin technology for automating their business processes along with enhancing their operational efficiency. If you are still un-used of the potentials of this technology to transforming your business, you should definitely opt for it. The new-school trending Xamarin certified consultants from the firms like Kunsh Technologies help the businesses to go mobile and deploy cross platform apps for field services quickly as well as seamlessly across Android, iOS and Windows.

 Kunsh Technologies is a leading web and mobile app development company for its clients based in India as well as abroad and offer efficient workflow management process with timely delivery of quality services. The experts therein are capable of serving their clients with absolute satisfaction and immediate support whenever needed. The firm offers mobile app development services along with other information technology solutions like web development and designing, enterprise resource planning and RPO & US staffing.


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